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March 12, 2020
The Hilton Shreveport, LA


08:00-09:30 – SESSION I

The Second Victim Phenomenon: Supporting Colleagues After Traumatic Events
Presenter: Susan Scott, PhD, RN, CPPS, FAAN


  • Have you ever personally been a second victim? Briefly describe in a de-identified manner
  • What was the most helpful support you received?
  • What are some clinical events that you see on a regular basis that could evoke a second
    victim response?
  • What resources does your team have if assistance is needed?

09:30-10:00 – BREAK

10:00-11:30 – SESSION II

Beneath Our Wings You Will Find Refuge: The Boston MedFlight Wing Team, A Comprehensive Peer Support Program

Presenters: Tammi Wallace Wood BSN, CCRN, CFRN, CEN, CNPT, CMTE and James Boomhower, BS, FP-C, NR-P, C- NPT

  • The role peer support plays in your critical care transport program
  • How has your program established a foundation for a peer support program that is multidimensional, personalized, and meets the needs of the organization and crew members?
  • Building the team: The importance of a program that is peer driven
  • Obstacles and lessons learned?


12:30-14:00 – SESSION III & IV (Double afternoon session – break built in at time below)

Situational Readiness: Workshop for Contingency Planning and Communicating in 2020
Presenter: Donald Chupp, President and CEO Fireside Partners

  • The challenges for smaller operators
  • Best practices for and essential focus areas for smaller operators
  • Employee and family expectations after emergencies
  • Can we do better than “thoughts and prayers”?
  • Ways to improve safety and prevention that resonate with the younger workforce

14:00 – 14:15 – BREAK





BoomhowerheadshotJames Boomhower, BS, FP-C, NR-P, C- NPT

James Boomhower, BS, FP-C, NR-P, C- NPT has been involved in EMS for nearly 15 years in a variety of health systems throughout New England. He currently functions in the role of Crit- ical Care Transport Specialist-Paramedic/ Lead Peer Support Director with Boston Medflight of Bedford, Massachusetts and Crisis and Peer supporter for the ECHO FAST team. James’ passion for EMS education is realized through his position as an instructor for Distance CME’s online continuing education program. His desire to bring mental health awareness to the EMS arena has spurred him to create the Fit for Duty platform as well as work to implement a peer support program in his workplace. James is working to realize his goal of promoting recognition, management and acceptance of acute stress in EMS providers throughout the world.



ChuppheadshotDonald Chupp, President and CEO Fireside Partners

In early 2007, Don founded Fireside Partners to support an under-served business aviation and small operator market. Using contacts and experience established during his Air Force and NTSB years, Don and Fireside Partners provided emergency services and training, and developed emergency response plans. Today, Fireside Partners has responded to a wide va- riety of aviation, transportation, and corporate emergencies, accidents, and natural disasters across the United States and worldwide, including places like Dubai, Alaska, Jamaica, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Into the future, Fireside Partners will continue to serve those companies that focus on safety and service, and those that are committed to the care of their employees and families.



ScottheadshotSusan Scott, PhD, RN, CPPS, FAAN

Dr. Scott recently retired from the University of Missouri Health Care where she practiced the art and science of nursing for 42 years in a variety of clinical settings that included Neona- tal ICU, Neonatal/Pediatric transport, ambulatory pediatrics, patient safety and legal nurse consulting. She received her PhD in nursing sciences from Sinclair School of Nursing. Sue’s research interests include understanding the second victim phenomenon in an attempt to develop effective institutional support networks to help meet interdisciplinary professionals support needs in the aftermath of unanticipated clinical outcomes and events. Her research has defined the second victim phenomenon allowing for the design and deployment of the ‘first of its kind’ peer support network, the forYOU Team. Internationally, hundreds of health care institutions have emulated the design of the forYOU Team. Through dissemination of 38 peer-reviewed articles, 3 textbook chapters and presentations at over 175 national/international conferences, her research findings reach a wide audience of healthcare providers, patient safety researchers, policymakers and healthcare administrators. She has partnered with agencies such as the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, American Hospital Association, The Joint Commission, Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the National Patient Safety Foundation to ensure that comprehensive second victim support interventions are accessible to healthcare institutions around the globe.



TammiWallace160pxTammi Wallace Wood BSN, CCRN, CFRN, CEN, CNPT, CMTE

Tammi Wallace Wood began her career in transport nursing in 2001 with Flight for Life Colorado. She was the coordinator for search and rescue operations and the Avalanche De- ployment program. She moved to Massachusetts and started working as a transport nurse for Boston MedFlight in 2008. She has served in roles as a preceptor, simulation coordina- tor, and currently as a clinical staff educator and float base manager. Her focus has always been on taking care of the most critically ill patients but now her focus is also on taking care of the crews that take care of the most critically ill patients. A survivor of burnout, she has been passionate about ensuring wellness of the crew and helping them not only
to survive, but thrive in their professions. She works to promote longevity, joy, and emotional wellness within critical care transport. Whether through education, coaching or support, Tammi is a true servant in her leadership style. She is the advisor and promoter for the Boston MedFlight Wing team and chair of the Peer Recognition Program.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Nursing. She holds advanced certifications as a CEN, CCRN, CFRN, CNPT, and CMTE.

Tammi currently serves on the Board of Health for her community and is a board member for the Association of Professional Flight Chaplains. She strives to obtain a work life/balance but fails at it most of the time. But when she does have time off, she enjoys tending to her small farm in western Massachusetts.




Download a pdf version of the Agenda

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