As of January 1, 2022, air ambulance service providers are subject to the No Surprises Act, which protects patients from surprise medical bills from out-of-network air ambulance service providers and removes them from payment disputes between plans and providers. Under this dispute resolution process, providers and payers must each submit their respective offers for payment along with any supporting documentation. The arbitrator must then select an offer based on the “qualifying payment amount,” i.e. the payer’s median in-network contracted rate for a given service in a given region along with six additional criteria.

ACCT’s web-based Payment Evaluation Tool guides you through a simple step-by-step process to evaluate and weight each of the additional factors included in the law to place you in the best position to secure a fair and reasonable payment.

    • Enter the qualifying payment amount (QPA).
    • Answer the PET’s step-by-step questions. Based on your responses, our tool will score you for each category.
    • PET will combine your scores, weight them using our customized methodology, and provide you with a singular adjusted rate.
    • PET will also provide helpful information to give you confidence in your submission, including recommended documentation and supporting materials.

PET gives you the confidence to know you are submitting the rate
that reflects the quality of the air ambulance services you provide.

The best part? PET is available FREE of charge
as a benefit of your annual ACCT membership.

For technical or logistical questions about the tool, please contact Chuck Walker at [email protected].

For content related questions about the QPA and dispute resolution process, please contact Roxanne Peek at [email protected].