The Association of Critical Care Transport released the first Standards for Critical Care Transport whitepaper at its Leadership Development Series and Annual Meeting on Oct. 13 in Dallas.

“The Standards whitepaper is the culmination of four years of work by Association members representing critical care transport organizations across North America,” said Denise Landis, ACCT’s chairperson.

Despite continuing worldwide growth in the provision of high-acuity air and ground medical transport, there has been no consensus definition and agreed-upon Standards of practice for patient-centered critical care transport.


“The need to assure patients and their physicians with consistent, reliable, and known Standards of care during transport is an overwhelming and increasing need within the healthcare system,” said Sherry McCool, co-chair of the ACCT Standards Committee. “This is especially true for the most critically ill and injured patients, as well as other vulnerable populations like high-risk obstetrical, neonatal, pediatric, and other extremely medically complex patients.”

Recognizing that patients deserve quality, consistency, and reliability, regardless of location, ACCT Standards Committee Co-Chair Jeffrey Stearns said Version 1 of the Critical Care Standards sought a balance between what exists today and what needs to exist in the medical transport system of the future, regardless of transport modality.

“We are acutely aware that developing new Standards and establishing a definition for critical care transport is a complicated endeavor, and it is not without implications for individual providers and agencies,” Stearns said. “ACCT is committed to ongoing dialogue with the medical transport community, healthcare systems, policy makers, and payors. Our goal is to gather input and work to further strengthen and develop the Standards in the next version. We’re already developing two additional Standards sections that will address medical oversight and quality metrics.”

To facilitate this engagement, ACCT has established an online comment form on its website, In addition, ACCT has begun engaging policymakers in one-on-one conversations to solicit their feedback.

In early 2017 after stakeholders have had an opportunity review the Standards and to provide feedback, ACCT will host a series of webinars at which it will present about the Standards, address feedback, and engage participants to further the conversation.

A complimentary copy of the Standards whitepaper will be made available to all ACCT Members, as well as to industry trade associations, policymakers, major payors and media. Additional hard copies may be ordered for $100 or electronic copies for $75 on ACCT’s website,

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