Video of presentations available for download/purchase

ACCT's Spring Education Conference drew a record crowd to Philadelphia for a day of presentations about the changing healthcare environment.

The day featured a series of five presentations and a roundtable discussion among conference participants.

Dr. Kevin Munjal spoke about the Promoting Innovation in EMS project and how he and other project leaders are gathering information from around the country about challenges in EMS and how we might best transform the EMS system in the future.

Dr. Brent Myers delivered two presentations. His first addressed tearing down silos and how using sound data and evidence-based practice along with engaging the right stakeholders can help move mobile integrated healthcare forward and make substantive innovation achievable in other projects as well. His second presentation took a look back at the big-picture topics of the past year, and looked forward at the topics and challenges that EMS and critical-care transport will face in the upcoming year.

Lisa Tofil spoke about the legislative climate, how the SGR bill's passage will change the future of healthcare-related legislative initiatives. She also spoke about the potential fallout of the Supreme Court's upcoming ruling on the King v. Burwell case, and what it means for the future of the Affordable Care Act and healthcare organizations.

Gregg Lord spoke about the opportunities, challenges and dangers associated with the digital world in which we all now live. As we utilize more technology to improve productivity, we also open ourselves to huge liability. He spoke about things all healthcare organizations must address and implement to protect themselves, their patients and their employees.

Finally, participants engaged in a roundtable discussion about "Always and Never Events," both from an aviation/operations perspective as well as clinically.

Many thanks to the conference's sponsors:

  • Fitch & Associates
  • LifeFlight Eagle
  • Hillaero AeroMed Solutions


  • NinthBrain
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • FlightVector
  • Karl Storz Endoskope

Recordings available for download/purchase

All participants who attended will have free access to download high-definition video recordings of the presentations that they can share within their organizations. Attendees will receive an email soon with instructions on how to access the video files.

Anyone who did not attend, but is interested in purchasing the videos for use in their own programs can contact the ACCT office at 816-858-6175. The cost is $150, and includes all six sessions (the same as registration for one person to attend the conference).

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