The House and the Senate recently passed a clean continuing resolution (CR) that funds the government from October 1, the start of fiscal year (FY) 2016, through December 11 of this year. The stopgap spending measure provides funding for federal agencies at a rate of $1.017 trillion, approximately flat compared to fiscal 2015 levels. The CR keeps federal funding for Planned Parenthood intact.

The President signed the bill into law. Negotiations will now begin on a longer-term budget deal. Democrats and the White House are sure to push to end sequestration spending limits. Republican leadership will be under pressure to include reforms to entitlement programs in exchange for raising of the spending caps. The goal of negotiations will be to strike a deal on top-line budget figures for both FY 2016 and FY 2017, so as to avoid a funding debate during an election year. President Obama has vowed not to sign another short-term funding measure should lawmakers be unable to agree upon a long-term budget agreement by December 11.

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