Abigail Brown received the 2015 ACCT Patient Advocate Award during ACCT's annual meeting in August.

Abby is an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner for Critical Care Transport Services at Cleveland Clinic. She is the Quality Coordinator for the hospital-based program and oversees all the quality monitoring, quality improvement and chart review programs. In addition, she arranges quarterly case reviews for staff, interfaces with consultant medical directors throughout the health system and processes patient safety reports. Her service offers Mobile ICU, Rotor Wing and Fixed Wing with approximately 5,500 patients transports per year.

2015 PatientAdvocate AbbyBrown 800pxAbby demonstrates commitment to the highest standards of critical care by holding each member of the program accountable to such standards. For example, she led the development of a chart audit tool to ensure both policy compliance for documentation and adherence to standards of care for all patient populations.

She believes that high-quality critical care transport is much more than just moving patients from "point A to point B" She will ask herself "What did we do for this patient during transport to support their overall outcome?" The pursuit of status quo is not acceptable

Her role as Quality Coordinator is one she truly created from the ground up. She identified the need for better quality processes, designed and implemented them, and now "owns" them as the transport programs quality champion. It is important to note that she does not receive any additional compensation for her efforts and still works a full schedule as a front line transport team member, truly there is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer.

Lastly, she goes above and beyond without being asked. Few team members observe or understand the great effort put forth for the benefit of the patients and the flight program. She will often shy away from public recognition, even when she herself is highlighted as providing excellent care to a patient.

The ACCT Patient Advocate Award is made possible through the sponsorship of SevenBar Aviation, and the recipient is nominated by ACCT members each spring.

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