By Tammy Chatman, Communications Committee
Flight For Life Transport System

The holidays are a season for giving. We all spend lots of time picking out those special gifts for those we love. But what about giving a gift that can mean the world to those in need; people you don't even know? A gift that costs you NOTHING. That gift is blood. As we all know, there is no substitute. Fewer than 10% of those who can donate ever do. Oh you just don't have time to donate? Really? Is 45 minutes too much to ask? This "gift" is carried by many of us on board our aircraft. What if those donors who provide that blood, "didn't have time?" Please, take the time. It could mean saving a life of someone you know or love. It could be even you! When it comes to blood, it is better to give than to receive...We know from personal experience. Thanks to those who "took the time". Why not "Be the giving type"? A message from a few thankful blood recipients. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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