Provides Resources, Information About Prevention, Recovery

By Krista Haugen
Co-Founder of The Survivors Network

The Survivors Network for the Air Medical Community is happy to announce the release of their new website:

The Survivors Network was started in 2009 by HEMS crash survivors Krista Haugen, Megan Hamilton, Teresa Pearson, and Jonathan Godfrey. Realizing the lack of resources available to help survivors and organizations cope with the aftermath of crashes, the group began to develop resources with input with many other survivors from the air medical transport industry. "There are far more people impacted by crashes than those who were in the aircraft," Haugen explained. "The ripple effect is extensive, and we value the perspectives of all of those 'survivors' as well."

The Survivors Network addresses a multitude of issues related to accidents: Risk mitigation, accident preparedness, effective response post-accident, and long-term recovery of people and programs. "The survivors bring a unique perspective to the table that would otherwise be unknown," Haugen said. "You can't imagine what lies on the other side of a crash unless you've been there, so in a way we make the unpredictable predictable. By sharing our experiences, we can help others prepare in a way that they wouldn't have been able to otherwise."

The new website is a repository of resources and information that survivors believe to be helpful in addressing issues across the continuum of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention with regard to incidents and accidents in the air medical transport industry.

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