Things are changing in the airspace around us so how we operate should too!
Here are 4 Tips for Air Medical programs to enhance airspace safety and de-confliction when dealing with UAS (drones):

  1. Add a question to your PR sheet to identify whether a drone will be present, i.e. “Will there be a drone onsite during the event?”
  2. Include a discussion of drones in the shift briefing, i.e. “What actions should be done by flight crews if a drone is spotted or encountered etc...” Add drone related questions to your box of safety questions.
  3. When en route to a scene or hospital ask if there is a drone being utilized or observed onsite. For scenes, this can be done with both dispatch and when communicating with landing zone command. For interfacility flights, inquire via your dispatch, after giving patient report, or directly with security if possible.
  4. Prior to lift-off from a scene, PR or hospital, incorporate crew communication to confirm that the airspace is clear of drones.

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