Last March, the NTSB concluded its accident analysis of the 2015 Flight for Life hard landing and subsequent fire in Frisco, CO. One of the recommendations was to improve the information on safety systems incorporated in aircraft. The goal is to help those who purchase, lease, or work in helicopters to have a deeper understanding of what specific standards an aircraft meets especially in regards to crash resistant fuel systems and seating. During the investigation, the NTSB found challenges in identifying even in new aircraft what specific supplemental type certificates were incorporated.

The NTSB then recommended that ACCT take a community lead working with AMOA and AAMS to develop a support matrix for aircraft acquisition. ACCT developed a steering committee comprised of Thomas. Judge (chair), Greg Hildenbrand, Robbie Tester, Chris Eastlee, and Ed Stockhausen. Ed Eroe and Chris Zalar support the project.

To date, we have made our first report to the NTSB and added a library section on the ACCT website. The library includes the Terms of Reference for the project, a white paper laying out the issues, and a number of back ground documents both from the accident report and other studies on aircraft survivability.

The Steering Committee has developed a draft outline for an interrogatory paper and a aircraft analysis matrix.

More recently we have incorporated two advisory committees for the project; a professional group representing NEMSPA, AMPA, ASTNA, and the IAFCCP and a technical panel comprised of the major OEMS’s; Airbus, Bell, Leonardo, and Sikorsky.

Members of the panels include:
AMPA: Ryan Wubben, MD, Craig Bates, MD ASTNA: Kelly Holdren, Sharon Purdom IAFCCP: Stacy Fiscus and NEMSPA Justin Laenen, Bill Winn

Airbus Helicopters: Jeff Trang, VP Technology and Flight Ops Bell Helicopters: Tony Randall, Mgr. Continued Operational Safety Leonardo Helicopters: Mike Bucari, Mgr. Business Development, Martin Cameron, Head Design Engineering Sikorsky Aircraft
Tim Fox, Senior Engineer, Commercial Products, Mike Cerneck, Director of Safety
Note we are continuing to recruit representation from MD Helicopters.

Our next step is to draft out the Interaggatory and complete the matrix with hopefully a final report by the end of the spring.

For more information, contact: Tom Judge: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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