ACCT members have garnered a great deal of support for H.R. 3780, adding more and more cosponsors. This increase in support is due to the time and effort spent by ACCT members educating their members of Congress.
Our recent success has shown that we have the ability to make real movement happen on this bill and we need you to continue in your outreach. Please utilize the attached ACCT Advocacy Toolkit to reach out to your members of Congress to urge them to show their support for the air ambulance community by cosponsoring H.R. 3780. As we approach the 2018 election, the time is now to continue to make big steps towards getting this legislation enacted into law.


Advocacy Toolkit Files:

Base Document

H.R. 3780 One-Pager

Air Ambulance Quality and Accountability Act Section by Section 

Side-by-Side Comparison of Air Ambulance Bills

House of Represenatives Health Staff Contact List

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